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Revision Courses
Orthopic Revision Course - With Patients 01/11/2014 Revision course for ophthalmologists taking the FRCOphth part 2
Non College Events
Age Related Macular Disease - its diagnosis and management including practical sessions 04/11/2014 Course designed for nurses, optometrists, junior ophthalmologists, F2 doctors and others interested in learning about common ophthalmic disorders
Non College Events
Queen Alexandra College - Sight Village 04/11/2014 An exhibition of technology, equipment and services for people with a visual impairment and for people experiencing age related sight problems
College Committee Meetings
Scientific Committee Meeting 07/11/2014 13:30
College Courses & Meetings
College Tutor Training Day 11/11/2014 The aims of the day are to explain some of the duties of a College Tutor and give you the opportunity to ask questions about College work and meet other tutors.
Yorkshire Retina Society & College Study Day 10th Anniversary Meeting 12/11/2014 10th Anniversary meeting organised by Mr Faruque Ghanchi
How to be a Research Active Ophthalmologist 18/11/2014 13:30 This symposium will highlight the increasing opportunities to become research active as a practicing ophthalmologist. It will be of interest to both junior and senior ophthalmologists interested in developing their research. Key note speakers will give advice on how to get funding for your research.
Curriculum Based Courses
Oculoplastic Curriculum Based Course 19/11/2014 Oculoplastics course taught by by Sally Webber and Ruth Manners
Other College Events
Ophthalmology Clinical Leads Forum 20/11/2014 In the current rapidly changing healthcare environment it is essential not only to be aware of the latest policies and proposals but also to hear from those who have experience of what these initiatives mean in practice and what the medium and long term effects are likely to be. It is also helpful...
Eyelid Surgery for the Tear Film 21/11/2014 Watery or dry eye, corneal exposure and eyelid inflammation are ubiquitous. Oculoplastic and anterior segment specialists team up to rationalize differential diagnosis and management. Video demonstrations include use of botulinum toxin and surgery for functional epiphora, lower lid retraction and facial weakness.

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