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New videos explain the benefits of CVI 25/03/2014 RNIB have produced two videos that support the important messages of the Certificate of Vision Impairment.
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E-learning update 25/03/2014 We are pleased to announce significant improvements to the Ophthalmopaedia in line with the feedback received from the membership.
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College Statement in Response to Mr Michael Clarke's personal views 'NHS sight tests include unevaluated screening examinations' 19/03/2014 The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Issues a Response to Mr Michael Clarke’s personal views expressed in his paper titled ‘NHS sight tests include unevaluated screening examinations that lead to waste'
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BBC Radio5 Live Investigates interviews Prof Harminder Dua 16/03/2014 BBC 5Live Investigates journalist Adrian Goldberg interviews Prof Dua on the laser eye surgery industry.
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College Statement on choice of anti VEGF agents for wet AMD treatments 07/03/2014 The College urges commissioners to adopt commissioning policies that are in the patient's best interest. This should allow use of any NICE approved treatment for wet AMD for initial treatment and subsequent management. This should include the option of switching anti-VEGFagents if clinically indicated.
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CESR Applicants Training Day - Tuesday 3rd June 2014 06/03/2014 The College will hold its first training session for CESR applicants on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 from 9.30am to 1.00pm at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.  This training session would be beneficial for anyone thinking of or in the process of applying for Specialist Registration via the CESR...
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College statement in response to NICE positive final guidance for Eylea for MO secondary to CRVO 26/02/2014 View the College statement in response to NICE positive final guidance for Eylea for MO secondary to CRVO here
Free Subscription to Ocular Surgery News online 24/02/2014 FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO OCULAR SURGERY NEWS EUROPE
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UK Vision Strategy eye health and sight loss statistics report for England 18/02/2014 The report brings together data for England on all aspects of eye health and sight loss and is a useful overview of available information.
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Class 2 Medicines Recall (action within 48 hours): COSOPT Preservative-Free, 20mg/ml +5mg/ml, eye drops, solution, single-dose container - Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited (EL (14)A/02) 17/02/2014 Merck Sharp and Dohme is recalling specific batches of COSOPT Preservative-Free, 20mg/ml +5mg/ml, eye drops solution due to an increase in the number of adverse events and product complaints relating to difficulties with administration received following the introduction of this ‘winged’ presentation in July 2013.

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