LAT Posts (Locum Appointments - Training)


LAT posts exist to provide medium term cover for vacancies within a training programme.  They are ideal for those who wish to pursue a CCT training programme and have achieved the entry standards for the relevant StR grade but have not yet been able to enter through the recognised competitive process. A LAT post will provide a valuable training experience that can count later on towards completion of training and the award of a CCT. The LAT appointee has to achieve a National Training Number via competition in order for the LAT time/competences to count towards the CCT.

Please see the document A Guide to Postgraduate Specialist Training (Gold Guide) in the UK on the Medical Specialty Training website for further information on LAT posts.

The College advises doctors in LAT posts to undertake the appropriate workplace based assessments (WpBAs) during the LAT posts and to attend ARCPs. ARCP records should also be sent to the College.  Trainees in LAT posts can enroll with the College’s e-portfolio.  If a doctor is subsequently appointed to a relevant specialty training programme through open competition, the documented competences achieved through a LAT or LATs may be taken into account by the Training Programme Director to count towards CCT.

A training pattern made up entirely of LAT posts will not result in the award of a CCT, as stipulated in the Gold Guide. 

If you have any further queries on LAT posts please contact the Education and Training Department on