Certificate of Vision Impairment


The College believes that an important component of good clinical care by ophthalmologists is the offer of a Certificate of Vision Impairment to eligible patients. The College encourages its members to promote the uptake of the CVI amongst patients who are likely to benefit from it and to facilitate the process of registration as far as it is in their power to do so.


New videos explain the benefits of CVI
The Royal College of Ophthalmologists has partnered with RNIB and VISION 2020 UK to deliver successful roadshows to highlight the important messages of certification of vision impairment. In support of this, RNIB have produced two videos, which can be found on youtube.

Ophthalmologist Film - http://youtu.be/yk0sFBtKNf8

Richard Wormald, Consultant Moorfields Eye Hospital fronts the first video which explains the benefits for the patient and also the ease in which consultants can fill out the form. The second video shows the patient perspective and how the opportunities and support by ECLO and the resulting social services benefits make such a difference to his life.



CVI Form England (122.21Kb)
CVI Form Wales (84.03Kb)

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