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Ophthalmologists in the Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) group include Associate Specialists, Staff Grades, Specialty Doctors, Clinical Assistants and non-standard, non-training Trust Grades, many of whom are working at a senior level in hospitals with a wide range of responsibilities.

The SAS Committee

The College's SAS Committee was established in 2006. The SAS Group represents SAS ophthalmologists on all main College committees, and on Council. The President attends our meetings (held three times a year) along with the Chief Executive. The committee Chairman also represents SAS ophthalmologists on the SAS committee of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

The SAS Committee raises the profile of SAS ophthalmologists and improves recognition of their work. We hold a Forum at every College Congress which provides an opportunity to speak directly to the President and College Officers.

We have introduced an annual study day every October which provides an opportunity to learn and to meet colleagues from around the country.

It is also our role to maintain contact with as many SAS ophthalmologists as possible and to disseminate information to SAS members and to bring their comments and views back to the college.

The members of the Committee represent SAS ophthalmologists on the basis of one member for every region. We provide representation on key College Committees as listed below.

List of Committee Members

Mr David Kinshuck


West Midlands


Council, Equality & Diversity

Vacancy South West Thames  
Dr Stephen McAtamney Scotland West  
Dr Juan Salinas Wales  
Mr Allaa-Eldin Abumattar Oxford Revalidation
Vacancy Wessex  
Dr Lisa Kelly Northern Ireland  
Dr Anne Sinclair Scotland East Lay Advisory Group
Mr Subheer Dhanireddy South Western Training
Miss Sharon Kerr South East Thames Education
Mrs Nivedita Sangani Mersey  Scientific
Mr Andreas Ruigrok Yorkshire Finance (share)
Dr Gihan Ibrahim North West Thames  Finance (share)
Mrs Bronwen Attrup Trent  
Dr Jayasis Bandyopadhyay Northern Examinations
Vacancy East Anglia  
Dr Mahendrany Balapaskaran North East Thames CPD
Vacancy Moorfields  
Dr Gillian Watts North West Professional Standards

Currently SAS representatives are needed on the following committees:

Paediatric Sub-Committee

Your Comments

We welcome your comments and questions. You can email us at


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