The Royal College Courses may be used for individual study or as part of Blended Learning, where knowledge of a subject is gained at least in part by use of these materials. That knowledge can then be tested and refined in face to face teaching in live training where skills transfer takes place.  We hope that trainers will not only use the existing materials as preparatory work for their own courses, but also contribute materials and ideas for future courses. Please contact us to discuss any proposals you may have.

Eye-Site Courses

Microsurgical Skills

Basic Phacoemulsification - (Day 3 of Microsurgical skills)



Clinical Examination

Community Ophthalmology

Glaucoma Surgery Course

Cornea Surgery Course

Later in 2014 Strabismus

Additional content: There are many other courses available from e-Learning for Healthcare.  Examples include Medical Leadership, VTE training, Image Interpretation, Safeguarding Children and Young People, Research and Audit, and NICE guidelines.  Additionally many other Medical specialties have e-learning content on the site.  All of this is available for registered users, and much is appropriate for senior staff as well as trainees.