The Academic Group


The Academic Group was set up to develop the profile of Academic Medicine within the College, both regionally and nationally. It will promote clinical scientific innovation and development, enhance the quality of training and career development for potential and established clinical academic staff, and augment the standing of academic medicine in the UK, with the ultimate aim of improving the standard of care supplied to patients.

Proposed specific aims of the Committee are to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of clinical academic medicine to the Members and fellows of the College
  • Promote research and innovation in medicine
  • Be the source of mentorship and guidance to those seeking a career in academic medicine
  • Develop and support the careers of members of the College practising as clinical academics
  • Encourage and speed up the translation of academic advancement into clinical practice
  • Develop a process within the College to recognise and reward clinical academic excellence in the UK
  • Develop effective links with other national stakeholders in academic medicine including the NHS, industry, funding bodies, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Academy of Medical Colleges and organisations representing those active in the biomedical and relevant physical sciences.