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e-Portfolio Go-Live

It is with great pleasure that we launch the new e-Portfolio tomorrow, Thursday 29 September at 09:00. To highlight the changes, short introductory and instructional video content has been designed to explain the e-Portfolio functionalities that make the new site user-friendly. We have also produced written guidance, FAQs and a document designed to give all

Important e-Portfolio Information – go-live date

The planned go-live date for the College’s new e-Portfolio has been moved back to Thursday 29 September 2016. Whilst we do not wish to inconvenience portfolio users, this decision has been made to allow adequate testing of all the new features. Our aim is to provide you with a fully functioning e-Portfolio and we appreciate

New Features

The Educational Supervisor Report (ESR) is now incorporated into the portfolio system.  In addition, the information (e.g. Timetables, Placements, Audits etc) will be input gradually into the Trainee’s “My Details” section as training progresses with the e-Portfolio system collating the information for the ESR.  This will dispense with the need to laboriously enter all the

Ophthalmic Specialist Training

Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST) requires a minimum of seven years of specialty training (ST1–ST7) to be completed following the two years of foundation training. The programme follows the College OST Curriculum, which is presented as a web-based document. The RCOphth Guide for delivery of OST (June 2018) is recommended as essential reading. The diagram below

Trainee Enrolment

Enrolling with the Royal College If you have been appointed to an Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST) post within the UK – whether run-through or Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) – you will receive an email from the Membership department containing an enrolment link.   We will tell you when the system is ready for your application. If