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RCOphth Educational Programmes

2 May 2018

In case you missed the following article in April’s edition of College News, here is all the information on How to build your own Educational Pathway.

This is an exciting time for Education at the College. After an extensive review of current needs, a new RCOphth Educational Programme is bursting on to the scene. The updated programme may be downloaded here and events and seminars may be booked via the College website.

The College aims to educate and support ophthalmologists at all stages of their career and across all their roles. By selecting from the courses and all the other educational resources, you can build up your own pathway of learning that is tailored specifically to your situation and interests. Each course and role will be supported by induction packs, tool kits and resources available through the website.

For example, as a newly appointed consultant you can attend the New Consultant Course for an overview of the knowledge and skills required for your role, then attend the Supervisor or Management & Leadership courses to further develop specific areas. If you have a particular interest in training, you could attend the College Tutor Induction to support you in that role, and subsequently move on to a Mentoring course, and up to the Advanced Trainers and Educators course as your experience develops.

To fit with ophthalmologists’ busy lives and increasing clinical demands, selected modules of the programme will be cascaded locally through trained regional teams, and supported by distance learning (for example, through e-learning for health) and maybe tele-events. Some regional team members will already be in place (Regional Educational Advisor, Regional Representative, Simulation Lead, Training Programme Director, Head of School) and may be able to support the delivery, but other Faculty will need to be developed.

Each programme now has a Faculty Development Scheme, whereby the Faculty are developed as they participate in the courses. Once you have attended a course as a delegate, you may wish to facilitate the next time, helping with the discussions and small group work or practicals, whilst having the opportunity to observe the course again. After facilitating on a few occasions you may be able to step up into the Faculty Member role, delivering material, or even leading a course. Course material will be shared, so just bring your experience.

The RCOphth Educational Programme also aims to up-skill those providing care around ophthalmologists. Improving the “Eyes and Vision” focus in the Undergraduate Curriculum and providing learning material for medical students and their trainers, should drive up the quality of referrals. The Ophthalmic Common Clinical Competency Framework (OCCCF) for training other professions will give clinical support to ophthalmologists and facilitate them delivering the complex care, training and leadership that is so desperately needed across more patients. This may also provide a framework for the training and recognition of the increasing number of GPs with a Special Interest.

Shared materials for ST1 preparatory packs and induction courses should enable our trainees to make the most of their early training, in addition to the successful Microsurgical Skills courses. We encourage application for Awards & Scholarships as a means of career development. Simulation training for both behavioural and technical skills should improve competence, and a new Laser Simulation course is currently being rolled out.

There is also an emphasis on helping to provide support for individuals through the new Mentoring & Buddying programme. Specific attention will be given to SAS doctors and Mid-career and Senior ophthalmologists to continue their development and ensure that their skills are being used appropriately. There is something for everyone, so we would like everyone to get involved – you can now start putting together your own Educational Pathway.