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Regional Education Advisors

 Regional Education Advisors (REAs) are The College’s senior representatives promoting excellence in education for:

  • Ophthalmologists at all stages in their careers and across all their roles
  • Non-medical Ophthalmic Professionals
  • Students, trainees and specialists from other specialties learning about Eye Care

They lead the College’s Regional Team responsible for facilitating and overseeing the cascade and delivery of education in the Region, and supporting the profession.

Responsibilities and Duties

Lead the RCOphth Regional Team by:

  • Identifying or ensuring the appointment of Regional Leads and other members of the Regional Team
  • Promoting cooperative working amongst the Regional Team to facilitate the integrated delivery of education in the region
  • Encouraging Regional Leads to connect with College Leads in their area
  • Encouraging Regional Leads to connect with members and staff in the region

Support Regional Team members by:

  • Supporting and facilitating delivery of their areas of responsibility
  • Encouraging communication and cooperation between Team members
  • Encouraging cooperation with the College Lead in their area

Promote the regional cascade of national educational events by:

  • Developing the local facilities and processes required for Tele-Learning
  • Encouraging ophthalmic professionals to access learning and education

Support Educators and Trainers in the Region by

  • Nominating, leading, supporting and developing College Tutors
  • Attending appropriate events, eg: School Board, training visits by external agencies
  • Supporting Training The Trainers (TTT)
  • Supporting The Ophthalmic Common Clinical Competency Framework (OCCCF)

Support the personal and professional development of ophthalmologists in the region by:

  • Informing ophthalmic professionals of the members of the regional team
  • Leading or supporting local Buddying schemes
  • Encouraging the inclusion of mentoring skills in educational opportunities
  • Signposting members to sources of personal support


 Appointment and term of office

Regional Education Advisors (REAs) are appointed by the Council to act on behalf of The College.  One REA is appointed for each of the regions, for a term of 3 years, renewable once.


  • Member of The College
  • Substantive consultant for at least 1 year
  • Independent:  not holding a connected or potentially conflicting post:
  • RCOphth Regional Representative
  • Deanery appointment, eg: Training Programme Director, Head of School

Appointment Process

Nominations will be sought through College communications.

Self-nominations are encouraged.

Applicants complete an application form and a summary CV and return it to [email protected].

The application form should be countersigned by:

  • Chair of the School Board/Specialty Training Committee or Head of School – to confirm that the nomination has LETB/Deanery endorsement
  • Clinical Lead – so that they are aware that the individual is taking on this role

Applications will be assessed by a panel at The College, including the Regional Representative.