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Examinations Committee

The Examinations Committee of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists is currently chaired by Mr Robert Taylor. It is made up of College Officers, Senior Examiners, Council Members, a trainee representative, a SAS representative, a lay representative and other Fellows of the College (by secondment).

There are a number of sub-committees under the auspices of the Examinations Committee. These are:

Part 1 FRCOphth Sub-Committee – Mr Dan Nolan

Refraction Certificate Sub-Committee – Mr Garry Shuttleworth

Part 2 FRCOphth Sub-Committee – Mr Jon Luck

Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery Sub-Committee – Mr Jeanpierre Danjoux

Each sub-committee is led by the relevant Senior Examiner and usually has three to eight members. The broad purposes of the Examination Committee are:

  • Developing and updating examinations to test the delivery of Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST).
  • To monitor the standards of ophthalmic examinations. This is through a process of involvement in the General Medical Council (GMC) process of quality assurance of examinations and workplace based assessments (WpBA).
  • To ensure that, by facilitating the acquisition by ophthalmologists of appropriate knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes, patients are treated by safe, competent doctors pursuing successful careers.
  • To sustain the high profile and renown of UK ophthalmic examinations internationally.

Queries can be directed to the relevant Chair through the Head of Examinations.

Contact the Examinations department.