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Third Party Endorsement – use of the RCOphth brand

Policy for third party endorsement including use of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ brand

The aims of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) are to advance the science and practice of ophthalmology which we do by through maintaining excellence in training, education and assessment; providing high quality standards and the promotion of research to maintain patient safety; and the continuing professional development of ophthalmologists.

The RCOphth collaborates with a wide range of organisations to develop services, initiatives and guidance which influences national eye health policy and benefits patients and the profession of ophthalmology.

Third parties* request endorsement for activities** in whose development we may or may not have been directly or indirectly involved with. We carefully consider the use of our name and branding (crest) to safeguard our reputation and independence.

Endorsement and permission by RCOphth
Endorsement and permission to use our crest, name and/or the form of a written statement or wording is only provided for a specific purpose and for an agreed period of use.

No endorsement can be assumed and each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We can only endorse activities in which there has been direct involvement by RCOphth and the conditions of our involvement, including permission to use our name and branding, has been agreed at the beginning of the activity.  Permission is very rarely given retrospectively.

In all cases, RCOphth will consider requests on the following basis:

  • We are satisfied and in agreement with the quality, sustainability, relevance and aims of the activity
  • The organisation, group or individual leading the work is of good reputation and standing
  • There is no conflict of interest, or perceived conflict of interest with the aims, values and role of the RCOphth

Please contact the Head of Communications & Engagement at [email protected] with details of the activity with a minimum lead time of 25 working days prior to publication or launch of the proposed activity.

All requests will be considered by the Vice President, Policy & Communications and in consultation with other relevant individuals, the trustee board, the executive and departments heads. All decisions are final.

* external organisation or individual (including RCOphth members)
**initiatives, projects, events, documents, websites/pages, awards or policies and other opportunities