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Applications for Membership

Fellowship by Election

This is currently on hold whilst we review the criteria.

Membership by Election

This route is currently under review.  We are not accepting any new applications.

Affiliate Members

Affiliates shall be:

  • Those medical practitioners in the field of ophthalmology who hold qualifications and who are not Fellows or Members of the College
  • Those persons approved and admitted by the Council, who hold a higher qualification and are engaged in ophthalmic research but are not medically qualified

Please note that applications for Affiliate membership require the signatures of two sponsors who are current Fellows or Members in good standing with the College. The sponsors must know the applicant and be prepared to support the application. If you would like to apply for Affiliate Membership please complete the Affiliate Application Form and include a completed equality and diversity form. This does not form part of your application and is for monitoring purposes only.

Affiliate membership does not confer any post nominals, and are not eligible to stand for election or vote

Trainee Affiliate Members

If you have been appointed to an Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST) post within the UK – whether run-through or Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) – you will receive an email from the Membership department containing an enrolment link.   We will tell you when the system is ready for your application.

If you have not received an invite to enrol within three months of your appointment please contact the Education and Training department.  Failure to enrol within three months of your start date may result in your post not counting towards your training.

It is important that membership is maintained throughout training as failure to do so will result in the removal of access to the e-Portfolio and all other benefits.

Senior Members

There are two categories for those medical practitioners who have retired and are no longer earning from any medical sources.

Senior Paying Membership
Under this category members still receive ‘Eye’, the scientific journal of RCOphth and can access the members area to keep their details updated. Paying senior members have voting rights at general meetings and elections.

Senior Non-paying Membership
Members are not required to pay any subscriptions; this means they do not receive the scientific journal ‘Eye’, do not have voting rights and no access to the members area. But to keep members in touch with the work of colleagues and the RCOphth, they will still receive College News and Eyemail, the bi-weekly e-newsletter.

Please contact membership@rcophth.ac.uk for any queries regarding membership and applications.  Paying members can update their records in the members area.