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RCOphth COVID-19 clinical guidance and national information

RCOphth is publishing continually updated guidance and advice for ophthalmology services during the COVID-19 pandemic. On this page are clinical guidance and national advice.

For guidance on recovery and restoration of services, visit RCOphth guidance on restoring ophthalmology services

For webinars and podcasts related to COVID-19, visit COVID-19 e-resources



Protecting Patients Protecting Staff UPDATED 300320 sets out our core principles of organising ophthalmology services during COVID-19.

Medical undergraduates and direct ophthalmoscopy sets out RCOphths stance on government guidance and the commitments of medical schools to ensure the safety of their students.

PPE Guidance

UPDATED RCOphth PPE for ophthalmology 090420
UPDATED RCOphth PPE Principles for ophthalmic staff protection 090420
NEW PPE and staff protection requirements for ROP screening and treatment 090420
NEW PPE in Oculoplastic-procedures 170420
PHE guidance
UKISCRS-RCOphth COVID revised Cataract AGP guidance 220520
UKEGS COVID Surgery Guidance RCOphth 290520
Use of perimeters for testing visual field during COVID19 300720

RCOphth COVID-19 clinical guidance

Paediatric Services Rapid Advice on use of apps 090620
RCOphth Management of Ophthalmology Services during the Covid pandemic 280320
Medical Retinal Management Plan During COVID-19 051020
Glaucoma Service Management Plans during COVID-19 270320
Retinopathy of prematurity management during COVID-19 070420
Paediatric Ophthalmolgy management plan during COVID-19 090420
British Oculoplastic Surgery Society COVID-19 Prioritisation
Immediate Sequetial Bilateral Cataract Surgery Guidance
Guidance on restarting Medial Retina Services
Preparing for a second potential wave of the pandemic 

Consent recommendations during COVID-19

Standards of consent for ophthalmology procedures during the Covid pandemic
Intravitreal Injection Consent Form COVID19 
Cataract Consent Form COVID19

Guidance for immunosuppression and uveitis

Uveitis study group resources
Paediatric Ophthalmology/Rheumatology Risk Stratification/COVID-19 guidance
Rheumatology resources


Guidance for trainees can be found in Education & Training


Working with Optometrists

NHSE/I COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service specification (CUES)
Patient management principles between HES and the community 030420
London optometry referral triage guidance 090420
College of Optometrists

Clinical guidance from trusts

Moorfields Risk Stratification for Paediatric Ophthalmology 290320
Moorfields Ophthalmic Risk Stratification & Implementation Guideline V2.0
Eye care in ITU (adapted from Kings College Hospital protocol )
NEW Eye Care in ITU (adapted from UH Southamptom) 090420
NNUH VR service guidelines for COVID-19


Paediatric Services Rapid Advice on use of apps 090620
NNUH VR service guidelines for COVID-19

Other sources of information

Haag Streit template – Perspex breathguards for specific makes of slitlamp

Guidance from UK government, regulatory and education bodies

Government COVID-19 guidance
Diabetic eye screening services during Covid – guidance for commissioners
GMC COVID-19 guidance
PHE guidance
NHS England guidance for clinicians
Wales Advice
Scotland Action Plan
Northern Ireland Advice
NHS Employers guidanceBMA COVID-19 guidance
BMJ news and resources 
Third phase of NHS response to COVID-19


Updates on RCOphth Congress, events and exams can be found here


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