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Council meeting – Friday 5 March 2021 Short notes

Please find below the short notes from the council meeting on Friday 5 March 2021.


It was agreed to hold Congress as a virtual conference this year following overwhelming opinion at the Scientific Committee recently.

Negotiations have taken place between the College and the Conference Centre and agreement has been reached to hold a further two
conferences in Liverpool in 2025 and beyond. Accepting this means that apart from the deposit, the residual fees will be not need to be paid and the agreed fees for the future meetings should more than cover the cost of the deposit. This is a very good solution and outcome of which the Executive Committee and Trustee Board have supported.

To register for Congress, please click here.

Funding Prospectus

The Funding Prospectus has been sent out to Optic UK who have disseminated it to their member organisations.

RCOphth have met with some pharma companies following the prospectus being sent out, but to date this has not resulted in any funds so far. For Education, attitude to sponsorship has changed in the last year and with the Tele-Learning project, offerings may include some live events, online platform events and material.

A central repository excel spreadsheet of money raised will be kept at the College. The College needs to retain its independence and to be very clear in what it can offer in return for money and be transparent in its dealings.

Members are urged, if they already have relationships with pharma, to please liaise with them to see if they are interested in sponsoring aspects of College work. If they are then members should direct them to contact Kathy Evans [email protected] or the President [email protected]


As a membership organisation the College is reliant on members. Membership has grown by approximately 200 (5% increase) over the last 4 years. Membership and Fellowship by Election has been introduced in the past 4 years.

This is for people who do not work in the NHS or people from overseas. The biggest growth is in the affiliate category. A special
resolution to allow affiliates to be able to vote at the Presidential election is being put forward and this will go to the AGM in May.

A proposal to expand the membership to create an associate group (medical students and foundation doctors) is also going to be put forward.
This is so the College can be more inclusive. The College wants to have the opportunity to allow allied professions to join as associates although they would not have voting rights and would not be able to stand for election but if they wish to join the College, they will get support on educational matters.


Work is still on-going with AQPs and the general feeling from Council was that AQPs could help with the current situation in terms of backlog, but they need to incorporate training and maintain the training standards.

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