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Admission Ceremony

General Information

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists is holding an Admission Ceremony for new Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Members and Diplomates on Friday 7 September 2018. The President of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists will present the diplomas.

Invitations to the Admission Ceremony and further details will be sent by email in June and the deadline for registration is 13 July 2018. Registration is via an online booking system, the details for which are included within the invitation letter.

Confirmation of your place and those of your guests will be dispatched within 5 working days of the booking closure date.

You may invite to the Ceremony a maximum of two guests. The guests will be seated in the Nuffield Hall where seating is restricted. Children over 7 years of age must be included in applications for guest tickets. Children under 7 years of age may attend but are required to sit on an adult’s lap and therefore do not need to be included in the application for guest tickets. Guests with young children should ensure they sit on aisle seats so that they may leave the hall should their child become upset or distracted. Crèche facilities are not available.

The Ceremony

All awards will be presented at the ceremony which will be conducted in the Nuffield Hall of the Royal College of Obstetricans and Gynaecologists. For location details and a map, please see www.rcog.org.uk/contact-us

It is recommended that you arrive well in advance of the Ceremony as you must be seated prior to the ceremony for a brief rehearsal. Please locate your seat using the number provided on your ticket which will be issued to you on the day. Please ensure that your seat has your name on it. If you are in any doubt or cannot find your seat, please contact a member of the RCOphth staff who will be available to assist.

We ask that you remain in the seat allocated to you during the entire ceremony to ensure that you are presented in the correct order. At the appropriate time in the ceremony, a member of the Examinations Department will guide you and your fellow award recipients to the stage. When your name is announced, you will walk across the room where you will be greeted by the President who will shake your hand and present your certificate. You will then be guided back to your seat.

Post Ceremony Reception

A Post Ceremony Reception will be held for you and your guests immediately following your Ceremony in the Reception Hall.  To avoid congestion on the stairs, please make your way down to the Reception Hall and arrange to meet your guests there.  Please make sure that you have all your possessions with you when you leave the Nuffield Hall.

Further Information For Award Recipients         Further Information for Guests