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Neuro ophthalmology the unmissable

Start: 30th November 2018

Type: Seminar

Description: Unmissable’ adjective 1. so good that it should not be missed (Collins English Dictionary) 2. disorders, that by their threat to life or sight, that should not be missed (British Neuro-Ophthalmologists) This seminar will review 10 disorders that must be diagnosed quickly and managed appropriately in order to prevent loss of life or sight. Four experienced neuro-ophthalmologists will review these disorders, beginning with a typical case, and going on to discuss why they are important, and key features in their presentation and management. Dr Swarup Chavda, an experienced interventional neuroradiologist, will comment on the neuro-imaging as we run through the day. Delegates will be encouraged to participate in each case presentation and, for this reason, the programme doesn’t list the diagnoses. Handouts, summarising the key features of each disorder will be available.

Places Available: Fully Booked

Venue: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Programme: Click here to open.

CPD Points: 6.5

Consultant - £215.00
Fellow, member, affiliate or diplomate - £180.00
Trainee - £155.00
Allied professions - £155.00