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DSEK - November 2018

Start: 8th November 2018

Type: Skills Course

Description: DSEK surgery has become the standard approach for treating corneal endothelial failure. Penetrating keratoplasty remains more suitable for some patients, while DMEK is coming into increasing use, especially in patients with Fuch’s dystrophy, and otherwise excellent prognosis. This course aims to teach the theory and practise of DSEK, with an emphasis on small-group wet-lab surgery. The course instructors (Leyland and Anandan) each have 10 years’ experience in DSEK surgery, and first organised the RCOphth DSEK wet-lab in 2013. Human corneas are provided for donor preparation, and can be used also for DMEK donor preparation practise.

Max Places: 12

Venue: Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Programme: Click here to open.

Course Fee - £445.00

Booking Closed: This event took place on the 8th November 2018.