Local anaesthesia for eye surgery - practical seminar

Team: Tom Eke, Adrian Kwa, Chandra Kumar Anaesthesia technique is very important in eye surgery. With good anaesthesia, surgery is more likely to go well , with a good outcome and good patient satisfaction. Conversely, if there is a complication of anaesthesia, there is the possibility of catastrophic outcome, in terms of sight or even life. Bad outcome is possible with any of the local anaesthesia (LA) techniques, not just with needle blocks. This whole-day practical seminar should allow you to discuss the ‘best’ anaesthesia option for each case, and will teach you techniques which will maximise the likelihood of a ‘happy patient’. The faculty are all members of members of the British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society www.boas.org and have taught LA techniques all over the world. There will be plenty of time to practice LA techniques on model eyes, and for discussion. Please click Book now for further information and prices

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