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VISION 6/6.20 Day

VISION 6/6.2020 Day – A celebration of international partnerships. VISION 2020 has made a huge difference to global eye health, creating a major focus in the countries and districts where action is needed.

This series of webinars was held to celebrate the successes of the VISION LINKS Partnership, as a part of the global ‘VISION 2020: The Right to Sight’ initiative. Over 300 eye care professionals came together virtually from 26 different countries. More here.

Session 4: Training, learning and the future

This session covered training programmes as part of the initiative, as well as looking at the future of LINKS.

Session 3: Learning from Eye Care VISION 2020 LINK Partnerships (pt. 2)

This session took the opportunity to highlight further specific LINKS / Networks and their successes.

Session 2: Learning from Eye Care VISION 2020 LINK Partnerships

The session took the opportunity to look at specific LINK partnerships/ Networks and their successes

Session 1: A Celebration of International Partnerships

Starting with a talk from Professor Allen Foster on the current global blindness situation, the session looked at the history of the partnerships and specifically the COECSA – RCOhpth LINK.