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Regional Representatives to Council election results

Regional Representatives to Council hold office for three years, renewable once and take up office at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held at Congress in May. Following the recent round of elections for Regional Representative to Council the nominations were as follows:- Name Region Result Jonathan EASON South West Thames Nominated Unopposed Alexander

Responsibilities of Council Members

Council members are elected by the Fellows and Members of their region. Being a council member carries responsibilities but should also be a productive and rewarding experience. It enables an ophthalmologist to contribute to the work of the College and to take part in the national debate about ophthalmology. Meetings are usually held in clusters

Committees and Groups

The following committees, sub-committees and groups are responsible for the development and maintenance of policies and standards in ophthalmology. Much of this work is carried out by the standing committees who report to Council.  The RCOphth 2020 Diary Dates provides dates of committee and group meetings and examinations taking place. Education (standing committee) Awards and


The College was created by Royal Charter in 1988, the Ordinances set out how we should be governed and both documents can only be changed by the Privy Council. The College has recently undertaken a review of its governance structure and The Privy Council approved the changes in October 2016. RCOphth Charter RCOphth Ordinances The