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diabetic retinopathy

Consultant ophthalmologist Sobha Sivaprasad wins 2019 Nettleship Medal for study highlighting superior alternative to established diabetic retinopathy treatment

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) is pleased to announce Sobha Sivaprasad, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Editor of RCOphth’s scientific journal, Eye, as the winner of the 2019 Nettleship Medal after a decade long hiatus for the award. Mr Edward Nettleship was a renowned ophthalmologist known for his work with hereditary eye diseases.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Since the establishment of the English National Screening Programme for Diabetic Retinopathy and similar programmes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, annual photographic retinal screening is offered to all people with diabetes over the age of 12. The national programmes are responsible for the training, accreditation and quality assurance of local screening programmes. The detection of referable

Eye health professionals welcome the first ever Public Health Indicator for eye health

Eye health professionals from across the sector will welcome the first ever Public Health Indicator for eye health when it comes into force on April 1st, 2013. As part of the new Public Health Outcomes Framework, the Indicator will track changes in the numbers of people who are certified as blind or partially sighted and