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Scottish Government trials Global Citizenship posts – A new way of working

In 2016 The Scottish Government set out proposals for encouraging the nation to be more outward looking and as such established a Global Citizenship programme. Global Citizenship is all about understanding the pressing issues facing our world and working collaboratively at home and abroad to come up with constructive solutions. In recognition that it would

Working in Britain for non-UK doctors

The National Health Service (NHS) The NHS (in England and Wales) is the means by which health care is delivered to the population. Health care is free of charge at the point of delivery, funded through general taxation. Provision of health care takes place in two main ways: primary and secondary care. Primary care is

VISION 2020 Links Programme

The VISION 2020 Links Programme was launched in 2004 within the International Centre for Eye Health linking eye health institutions in the UK with overseas eye centres. The programme is designed to build the skills and capacity of eye institutions in developing countries, principally in Africa where the need is particularly great. The Programme will

International Strategy

There has been a general broadening of all UK health related Global activities since the Crisp Report (2007) promoted the utilisation of UK health experience to assist developing countries. The main drive of this Report was to promote collaborative partnerships between providers of care in the UK with those in the developing world. Another thread was to