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EyesWise: leading transformation in ophthalmology

More than two million people have reduced vision in the UK. There are nearly eight million appointments every year in hospital eye services in England, making ophthalmology one of the largest outpatient specialties. EyesWise is a project led by NHS England’s Elective Care Transformation Programme (ECTP) in collaboration with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists that

The RCOphth welcomes House of Lords report on The Long-term Sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists welcomes the publication of the House of Lords report on The Long Term Sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care. We were pleased to contribute to the evidence reviewed and support the fundamental recommendations of the report. In particular we would like to highlight the recommendations related to ‘the


Introduction A sustainable health and care system has been defined as one which “works within the available environmental and social resources protecting and improving health now and for future generations.” Eye care faces several challenges in the 21st century; an aging population, limited health care resources and a UK government commitment to reducing the NHS

Ophthalmic Services Guidance

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists is the guardian of excellence in ophthalmology. It aims to set standards in all aspects of ophthalmology to achieve high-quality care and protect patient safety. Ophthalmic services guidance is intended to inform ophthalmologists and those managing eye services how to best provide services, clearly identifying standards of practice to be