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Welcome to Eye-Site, the e-learning portal of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

This page will give you links to our various projects and will give you news about those projects as they develop. Please check back frequently and email us to make suggestions about how we can develop further.

Some materials are available to Members on this web site – please use your College Login.

Although there is a separate Login for e-Learning for Healthcare, College Members may now LINK the two accounts, so that a Login to the College website allows direct access to the e-learning portal. Follow the links in the sidebar for more information.

Our latest e-Learning for Healthcare Course – Cornea Surgery is now available.  This course supports a live surgery course at College, but may be used for personal or local group study.  

Ophthalmopaedia, the College on-line encyclopaedia needs your help!

e-Learning for Healthcare provides online learning for many other specialties, and much of this material is suitable for Ophthalmologists.  Please see the Courses page.

Registration for e-LfH Eye-Site will give access to all e-LfH projects without having to register for each individual project.

e-Learning for Healthcare

There is now an option for single sign-on with your College membership account and e-LfH. If you have not already done so you need to first register for e-LfH. The next time you come to the College website and login as a member a link will appear below which will allow you to link accounts. You will only need to do this once.In future just log in as a College member and you will then be able to access your e-LfH account directly. >More