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Revalidation specialty adviser contact service

The RCOphth has established a dedicated central enquiry service for revalidation [email protected] and we have trained a number of ophthalmologists to act as specialty advisers for revalidation.

RCOphth Revalidation Adviser:

Mr Kashif Qureshi, Consultant Ophthalmologist

We request that enquiries are submitted via email.


1. Enables query to be passed to revalidation specialty advisers to be reported without any staff interpretation or risk of misunderstanding the information given by the enquirer.

2. Allows a traceable record of any advice given – this is for the protection of the College and the individuals involved in the request. It also allow for quality assurance of responses  to help ensure consistency, track how long enquiries take to be resolved, track issues raised for potential FAQs or improvement of published revalidation information.


All enquiries are handled in confidence by the College revalidation team. If an enquiry is forwarded on to one of the College’s specialty advisers, or to another member of staff at the College, the enquirer’s name and contact details will be removed from the email.  Personal details which might allow the enquirer to be identified indirectly (e.g. references to location, employer, age, gender etc.) may also be removed unless their inclusion is judged to be necessary to allow the adviser to give an accurate answer to the enquiry.

Specialty advisers are expected to protect the confidentiality of enquirers and not to share personally identifiable information about the enquiry outside the College’s Professional Standards Department unless there is an overriding professional or public duty to do so.

Specialty advisers are not expected to provide immediate and comprehensive answers to all enquiries. It may be necessary for the adviser to clarify the request and/or to seek further information on the enquirer’s behalf before a definitive answer can be given.  For instance, it may be necessary to draw on expertise from within the College or to refer the enquirer to an appropriate external source of advice.

Please use the email address [email protected] to contact our revalidation specialty advisers

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists gives this advice on specialty specific matters in response to a specific request. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists prepares or gives such advice in principle, based on the facts presented to them, with reasonable care and in good faith, and does not accept any possible liability arising from the advice. The advice will not be binding. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists undertakes to keep information supplied confidential unless otherwise required by law, court order or any governmental or regulatory authority, for reasons of patient safety.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists reserves the right to disclose such information (in confidence) to the General Medical Council or other relevant regulatory authority where (acting reasonably) it considers it in the public interest to do so (individuals will only be identified if it is required for patient safety reasons). These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with relevant UK laws.

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