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Ophthalmopaedia Prize

Ophthalmopaedia is an ambitious component of the Ophthalmology e-Learning project.  It is revolutionary as it is the world’s first online encyclopaedia of ophthalmology, creating an authoritative encyclopaedic resource that can be used by any ophthalmologist wishing to look up a topic (trainers and trainees alike).  It is produced and maintained by the ophthalmic community and any topic of relevance to the community may be included as the horizons of this resource are not limited to a set curriculum.

We encourage all grades (except consultants) to enter the monthly prize for the best article submitted to Ophthalmopaedia. Articles published are now citable on CVs to enable authors to claim recognition for the work they have done in contributing to this valuable resource. Each winner will receive a digital certificate.  Visit the e-Learning site to see submitted Ophthalmopaedia articles.

Prizes are awarded each month

Congratulations to the following winners, whose articles can be viewed on Ophthalmopaedia.

For April 2015 – Dr Pouya Alaghband, an Ophthalmology specialist trainee at the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery for his article on Ocular Surface Stem Cell Transplantation.

For May 2015 – Miss Laura Steeples, an Ophthalmology specialist trainee at North Western Deanery for her article on Corneal Gluing.

Rules governing the award of prize for the best entry of the month – Ophthalmopaedia_Rules

For more information contact: alex.tytko@rcophth.ac.uk