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Oculoplastic Surgery

CCGs generally decline to provide funding for surgical procedures which are judged to be “cosmetic”, or provide funding only in exceptional circumstances.  Brow lifts, blepharoplasty, ptosis correction, removal of benign eyelid or skin lesions and procedures to treat watering eyes are often included on lists of procedures for which CCGs do not routinely provide funding.

Although this is an understandable response to difficult economic times, it is important that it does not hinder prompt assessment and treatment where there is a likelihood of malignancy, or where eyelid malposition threatens the ocular surface (eg where eyelashes are abrading the cornea or where the ocular surface is exposed). There should also be provision for treatment where brow droop or ptosis reduce the field of vision to the point where the ability to drive is compromised.


Quality Standards for Oculoplastic Surgery Services