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Trainees who achieve the entire programme competencies in GMC-approved posts are eligible to apply for entry onto the UK Specialist Register via a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

The Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (Combined Programme) or CESR (CP) is the route to specialist registration for doctors appointed above ST1 level to a GMC-approved training programme who, at point of entry into the programme, wish to count time spent in previous non-GMC-approved posts.

Within the UK, there is no difference in the recognition of a CESR (CP) and a CCT.  Click here to apply for CESR (CP). Both certificates allow specialist registration on exactly the same terms. Once a doctor has specialist registration, they can be appointed to a substantive consultant post in the UK.  Names are added to the UK Specialist Register with no further details as to which certificate the doctor was awarded.

However, within Europe, whether a doctor holds a CCT or a CESR (CP) does sometimes make a difference – a CP is not the ‘recognised qualification’ that entitles EEA doctors to direct entry onto other EEA countries’ specialist register.  Further guidance is available on the GMC website About the combined programme CESR (CP) .

Overseas regulators are not obliged to recognise either a CCT or CESR (CP) outside of the EEA – it is only the freedom of movement legislation within Europe that gives recognition to the two certificates.  It is a matter for overseas regulators whether or not they recognise a CCT / CESR (CP), either via registration or otherwise; the GMC does not hold any information on the approaches taken in different countries, nor do they hold any influence.