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New Consultants

Making the transition from senior trainee to New Consultant is one of the most enjoyable and challenging periods in a doctor’s career. There is emerging evidence that there are significant pressures associated with dealing with unfamiliar and unexpected workplace situations that arise as a New Consultant, and that these can lead to discontinuities in patient care. The Royal College is developing cutting-edge innovative strategies to help New Consultants achieve their maximum capability rapidly. Some of these are outlined below.

Annual RCOphth New Consultants Course
This two-day course is run by Miss Anna Maino and aims to cover some of the key areas that are important to New Consultants.  Established Consultant specialists from the Royal College deliver a range of lectures that cover topics as diverse as avoiding complaints to dealing with trainees in difficulty.

Consultant Survival Skills for the 21st Century NHS 2017 dates to be announced
This more detailed two-day intensive course is run by Professor Peter Shah, Mr Tarun Sharma and Ms Freda Sii in Birmingham annually. The focus of this course is on ensuring that New Consultants have a full set of skills in their tool-kit to enable them to deal with a wide range of potentially difficult and even hostile situations. Emphasis is placed on controlling and developing clinical service and optimising patient safety. Delegates undergo deep immersion in a range of real-life conflict scenarios as part of the course and can learn safely in this simulated environment.

The Royal College is committed to supporting New Consultants and is exploring mechanisms for providing a network of senior mentors for New Consultants.


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