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Eye Logbook

The Eye Logbook is an online surgical logbook for ophthalmologists designed for the simple entry and analysis of ophthalmic surgical data by individual users from any computer with a connection to the internet. Surgical information is displayed in both tabular and graphical forms allowing the easy analysis of data for training progress, audit and revalidation purposes. The Eye Logbook captures the data required by the College for CCT purposes.

From August 2011 it is mandatory for all trainees to use the Eye Logbook to record their surgical procedures during training.  All College Members are encouraged to use the Eye Logbook.

The Eye Logbook is available for all College Members in good standing (i.e. has duly paid an annual subscription) to use.    Please visit www.eyelogbook.co.uk to register.

The Eye Logbook app is free to download from the App Store; however, there is a subscription charge of £10 per year.  When you first login to your account from the app, a one-month trial period is activated so you can try before purchasing your subscription.

Eye Logbook FAQs

There is still an Excel template logbook available for anyone to use. Please click here to download.

It is important for trainees to record all surgical experience, including procedures that they have performed supervised or assisted at.

Clarification on the counting of procedures (December 2009)

Terminology when recording surgery (July 2016)

You can view the Notices & Updates page for further information.