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Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST) Curriculum

The RCOphth OST Curriculum (2010) is presented as a web-based grid that is divided into domains of clinical practice and Learning Outcomes.

The OST Curriculum is underpinned by an e-Portfolio system, which simplifies and improves the recording of assessments and tracking of overall progress through training.

A comprehensive Resource Library is incorporated within the OST Curriculum.  Each Learning Outcome is supported by a menu of resources as per categories listed below:

  • E-Learning for Health Modules
  • Books/Journals
  • Electronic Resources

The documents below try to answer common questions about specific areas of the curriculum.  If you have any FAQs you think could be added to the list, please email them to [email protected] .

OST Curriculum (2010) FAQs

OST Curriculum (2010) FAQs – principles

Newsletters, FAQs and consultation on new OST Curriculum

Newsletter Issue 1 – November 2019

Newsletter Issue 2 – April 2021

Newsletter Issue 3 – September 2021

FAQs new OST Curriculum (September 2021)

Proposed OST curriculum – stakeholder consultation

New OST Curriculum (unapproved)

Proposed OST Curriculum

Syllabi (unapproved)

Patient Management domain

Cataract Surgery syllabus

Community Ophthalmology syllabus

Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease syllabus

Glaucoma syllabus

Medical Retina syllabus

Neuro-ophthalmology syllabus

Ocular Motility syllabus

Oculoplastics and Orbit syllabus

Paediatrics syllabus

Urgent Eye Care syllabus

Uveitis syllabus

Vitreoretinal Surgery syllabus

Other domains

Education and Training syllabus

Health Promotion syllabus

Leadership and Team Working syllabus

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement syllabus

Research and Scholarship syllabus

Safeguarding and Holistic Patient Care syllabus

Assessment Strategy (unapproved)

Assessment Strategy 

Assessment Blueprint (unapproved)

Assessment Blueprint