Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC) launches new strategic documents

  • 12 Aug 2019
  • RCOphth

The RCOpth is a stakeholder of the Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC), an independent advisory body providing evidence-based national clinical leadership, advice and guidance to policy makers in health, social care and public health, and those commissioning and providing eye health services in England. Collaboration with cross-sector organisations, including RCOphth, has produced guidance for commissioners. View the CCEHC’s strategic documents here.

The SAFE framework provides the basis for commissioners, provider organisations and clinicians to adopt a high level, strategic, systems-based approach for the planning, provision and commissioning of eye health and care services, covering whole pathways and operating across traditional service footprints.

The CCEHC presents priorities for how the LTP can be delivered for eye health and care through the collaborative efforts of commissioners, service providers and clinicians.