Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022 sets out key areas of work aligned to the four pillars of Our Purpose, Workforce, Leading and Evolving. As the COVID-19 pandemic impacted on this work, the RCOphth Trustees have agreed to extend the deadline to December 2023. The four pillars remain valid and will continue to underpin our work. Development of a Strategic Plan 2024 – 2026 will begin in 2023.

Our Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022, developed in consultation with our members and staff, directs and prioritises key policy, operational and campaign activities over the next three years. Our Members, College Officers and staff will do this in collaboration with national healthcare organisations and decision-makers across all four nations responsible for policy, education and training.

The way NHS care is provided and the treatments available to improve patients’ lives have changed almost beyond recognition since our charter first set out our obligations as a medical royal college in 1988.

We continue to assess healthcare, technology and policy changes that may influence what we do strategically and operationally for the ophthalmic workforce. No more is this evident than how the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting the care of patients and the workforce. This has accelerated closer collaborative working with partners in primary care to influence national healthcare policy and workforce planning across all four nations to deliver a high standard of eye care services.

The strategic plan identifies four key areas of focus

  • Our Purpose – ensuring our charter remains relevant for meeting the needs of modern ophthalmic care, empowering members to achieve life-long learning and expertise needed for the future of ophthalmology
  • Workforce – define the workforce and resources needed to deliver safe and sustainable care
  • Leading – to continue to promote the highest achievable standards of eye care and speak out if care falls short
  • Evolving – to ensure our work is delivered through efficient, flexible and transparent processes

The RCOphth will evolve a programme of work that meets the needs of our members and patients. We will emphasise more consultation with members and other stakeholders on the delivery of ophthalmic care and promote standards and guidance in the UK and internationally.

Download the RCOphth Strategic Plan 2020-2022