Exam Fees

You can find details of the exam fees for 2024.

You can find details of the exam fees for 2024 below.

Examination Fees
The examination fees for 2024 are listed below.

Examination 2024 Fee
Part 1 Fellowship Examination £650
Refraction Certificate £830 (UK)
£1385 (Singapore)£1385 (Malaysia)
£1040 (India)
£1040 (Egypt)

£1040 (Pakistan)

Part 2 Fellowship Written Examination £650
Part 2 Fellowship Oral Examination £875 (UK)
£2900 (Singapore)
£2295 (India)
£2295 (Egypt)£2295 (Pakistan)

£1725 (Athens)

Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery £1675
Additional payments
Replica Certificates
Appeals Procedure
Duke Elder (payment for all candidates)

We review costs annually.

Our fees reflect the direct and indirect operating costs for examinations. These include supplier costs, examiners’ fees, venue hire, and other logistical running costs.

We only use fee income to cover the costs of providing exams, not to fund any other activities, and we make no surplus from exam fees.

In reviewing and setting the fees we take into account a number of different factors such as assessment types and curriculum developments. We are committed to keeping all changes proportionate and fair.