An elderly patient with her carer walking down a hospital corridor.

Quality & Safety

Healthcare quality and safety is at the centre of ophthalmic clinical professional practice and patient care. Through robust clinical governance quality and safety standards are maintained and continuously improved.

High quality care, delivered by the right professional at the right time, achieves good outcomes for patients.  The RCOphth promotes quality and safety in all aspects of ophthalmology.  We develop standards, guidance and recommendations, including clinical guidelines and services to support improvements in the delivery of services.

Eye care patients may be seen initially by optometrists or their GP (primary care).  If  the patient’s condition needs further investigation and diagnosis, they will be referred to ophthalmologists, working in eye care units both in the NHS or the independent sector (secondary care).  Working with optometrists in the community, patient care can be managed to ensure that their vision is preserved.



Standards & Guidance

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists develops high quality resources including guidelines, standards and much more.

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