Our international work

We are committed to advancing eyecare globally and to improving the health of those with eye conditions. Through our international activities, we strive to promote excellence in education, training and practice worldwide, and we work collaboratively with a number of organisations to help realise this ambition.

What we offer

Training programmes:

We offer internationally-recognised exams, hosted in both the UK and in many countries overseas, which are designed to maintain and develop the highest standards of practice of ophthalmologists.

Educational resources:

Our comprehensive educational resources, including online courses, webinars and e-learning provide up-to-date information on the latest advancements in ophthalmology and best practices in eye care.

Collaborative partnerships:

We collaborate with international organisations to share learning and improve standards of practice in developing countries, including through our links with the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COESCA), via the Vision 2020 initiative.

Conferences and events:

We organise and support conferences, symposiums, and workshops that bring together ophthalmologists and eye care professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from experts in the field.

Research and advocacy:

Through funding and publishing research in our flagship journal – Eye – we work to advance the understanding of eye diseases and promote evidence-based practices, enabling us to advocate and support evidence-based campaigns, including through our membership of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Guidance and support:

We aim to publish resources to support those who wish to work internationally, alongside advice on how to donate equipment overseas.

Get involved

Whether you are an ophthalmologist, an eyecare professional, a healthcare organisation, or a supporter of global eye health, there are many ways to get involved with our international activities.

  • Become a member: Join our global network of ophthalmologists and gain access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and support for your professional development.
  • Collaborate with us: Partner with us on projects, initiatives, or events that align with our mission to improve eye health worldwide.
  • Join our global subcommittee: Look out for opportunities to help to co-ordinate our international activities and realise our aims to strengthen our work in this area.
  • Attend our events: Participate in our conferences, workshops, and training courses to enhance your knowledge, skills, and professional network.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about our international activities or explore opportunities for collaboration, please contact [email protected]