Sustainability at the College

Our commitment to sustainable practice is demonstrated in our premises and our day-to-day work

College office at Stephenson Way, London NW1

  • Grade B EPC rating
  • Air source heat pumps have been installed. They extract heat energy from the air to provide heat and can produce cooling through a reversible system
  • The building is highly insulated to minimise heating requirements, and has double-glazed window units
  • The windows on the office floors can be opened to provide natural ventilation
  • Zip taps, rather than kettles, have been plumbed in to conserve water
  • Light sensors mean that empty rooms are not lit
  • Each floor has a recycling bin.


  • Committee papers are sent electronically to minimise paper use
  • A high proportion of committee meetings are conducted virtually to reduce carbon footprint but it is important to retain some face-to-face meetings.


  • Staff come to work by public transport, by bicycle or by foot and no parking bays are provided
  • The College participates in the Bike to Work scheme and has a shower to encourage cyclists and runners.