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Support for Ophthalmic Practitioner Training

The RCOphth supports learners throughout the Ophthalmic Practitioner Training Programme with useful resources for professional development.

Resources are suitable for ophthalmologists, orthoptists, optometrists and ophthalmic nurses who are keen to undertake or support the OPT programme in their unit. Find out more about the Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT).

Getting started in Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT) based on the Ophthalmology Common Clinical Competency Framework (OCCCF)

This webinar, hosted by Melanie Corbett (previous Curriculum Lead for OPT) and Robert Barry (OPT Training the Trainers Lead), will help learners understand the OPT training in their unit and help managers to set up training programs and support their learners.

Supervision of OPT

An OPT Learner works with a variety of trainers and supervisors, who can be from any of the four professions.  Training for these roles is provided through OPT Training the Trainers (TTT) courses:

  • Clinical Supervisors – responsible for the learning and patient care in any clinical session.  A learner has multiple Clinical Supervisors – one for every clinical session.
  • Educational Supervisor  – supports the overall learning and progression of the learner, and ensures that their portfolio is completed satisfactorily.
  • Unit OPT Lead  – responsible for the organisation and allocation of clinical and educational opportunities in their unit
  • Regional OPT Lead  – is a member of the RCOphth Regional Team and upholds the standards of the OPT Programme in their region by:
  1. ensuring the eligibility of learners, and provision of training opportunities
  2. assessing portfolios and the quality of materials, assessments and reports within them
  3. supporting trainers and supervisors. 

Each region has an OPT Lead. For up to date information on who currently holds the OPT Lead role, contact your Regional Education Advisor.

Find out about Regional Education Advisors

Supporting documents

The Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT) Programme has been developed from the Ophthalmic Common Clinical Competency Framework (OCCCF). Some documents may continue to have this name, but can be used to support the OPT Programme.

Portfolio Guidance

For learners with higher qualifications the ‘Recognition of Prior Competence’ will exempts them from performing some of the assessments. Use the guidance to understand these exemptions

Trainers and supervisors who deliver OPT

An OPT Learner works with a variety of trainers and supervisors, who can be from any of the four professions. Learn more about these roles.

OPT Educational Supervisor Role Description

The OPT Educational Supervisor is responsible for supervising the global educational and professional development of specific OPT Learners, and confirming that their portfolio is of the required standard when completed.

Regional OPT Lead Role Description

The Regional OPT Lead is responsible for the quality control of the award of the OPT Certificates. They oversee the OPT Programme and the quality of assessment of its Learners in their Region

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RCOphth Education

Education in Ophthalmology is the development of knowledge, practical skills and professional competencies, and this includes personal and professional development.

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