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The RCOphth believes that everyone should be treated with respect, supported and encouraged to do their best.  We have collated resources to help members and others involved in health care take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

If you are good at something, make sure that thing is also good for your wellbeing.

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Wellbeing and good mental health

Health care is a high demand environment, no more so than now with the documented effect that the pandemic has had, not only on everyone working in the NHS and other care services, but patients and the general public.

At RCOphth, we believe everyone should be treated with respect, supported and encouraged to do their best.  NHS staff, at all levels, should work in an environment and culture of learning and improving to maintain high standards of patient care.

Wellbeing​ is a state of optimal physical and mental health where we are able to thrive, perform at our best and maximise the enjoyment of life​.

NHS resources

The NHS recognises the importance of wellbeing. Find out more by clicking through to resources below:

Mentoring & Buddying

Mentoring and buddying are also known to benefit individuals and organisations during times of transition. These projects also help attract and retain talent, facilitate knowledge transfer and leadership development and foster workplace diversity and reduce stress and burnout. In addition they provide professional support, wellbeing and underpin good patient care, team working and leadership.

We have big plans to embed mentoring and buddying into the culture of the college. Look out for updates about this work stream!

RCOphth Reverse mentoring scheme with a focus on Differential Attainment

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists is supporting the reverse mentoring initiative to enable more learning of the lived experiences of the Black, Asian and minority ethnic ophthalmic community and to help to overcome the perceived barriers that contribute towards differential attainment.

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