The British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit

The British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit (BOSU) is a system for national collection of data on rare and important disorders to support research, prevention and epidemiological assessment of ophthalmic disorders across the UK.

The Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit (BOSU) aims to facilitate research for the advancement of knowledge and improvement of the prevention, treatment and service planning of these disorders. The benefits for ophthalmologists are:

  • opportunities to participate in high quality research of national importance
  • lessening the burden on reporting doctors of requests for data from numerous sources
  • continued professional development recognised by the college .

We have also increased the awareness amongst professionals and the public of the rare disorders studied; and where necessary we are positioned to respond rapidly to ophthalmic public health emergencies.

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BOSU research history

Since July 1997 the unit has continuously provided a unique resource supporting high quality epidemiological research and achieving a good publication record. We have supported over 85 different studies which have led to over 85 peer review papers, we receive consistently high levels of support and participation by UK ophthalmologists; and we continue to attract good quality applications for new studies.

Globally unique surveillance

Over 1400 reporting ophthalmologists participate in our active surveillance scheme. We are the only national population based surveillance scheme in ophthalmology. Similar units exist in other specialties, both in the UK and internationally.

However, rare disease surveillance is more than the systematic collection of data, the analysis and dissemination of that information to those who have contributed and all those who need to know remains an integral part of our mission. We have had great success at national and international conferences and details of all publications from BOSU studies can be are detailed in our Bibliography.

What BOSU has achieved

BOSU began in July 1977 and is currently funded by Fight for Sight with supported surveillance for a wide range of conditions.

  • 1400

    Reporting consultants

    Participating ophthalmologists that contribute to BOSU surveys.

  • 85

    Surveillance projects

    BOSU has supported high level studies.

  • 85


    Peer reviewed scientific papers in Eye.

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