Senior Management

The senior management team lead on the operational delivery of RCOphth activities and core services in collaboration with our College Officers.

Ali Rivett


Ali took over as Chief Executive in June 2023.  He is responsible for:

  • Executive leadership and the delivery of the organisational strategy
  • Ensuring that RCOphth fulfills legal, statutory, and regulatory responsibilities
  • Maintaining and developing constructive working relationships with key external partners
  • Overseeing effective and sustainable financial and risk management systems, including long-term business planning and annual budgetary processes
  • Leading a team of 35 colleagues, promoting a positive environment and learning culture where employees feel valued and supported

Beth Barnes


Beth oversees the development of professional standards and quality work at the RCOphth, helping our members to deliver high quality patient care. Her department team and clinical leads help to collate and disseminate the latest evidence through Congress, the Eye journal, NOD, BOSU and producing resources and good practice guidance. Beth joined the organisation in 1999 and has worked in various departments since then. When she is not at work, she attempts to oversee high standards of vegetable growing on her allotment with most success in chillies and courgettes. Often requiring assistance on consuming from friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

Alexandra Chitty


Alexandra joined the College in November 2023. As Head of Communications & Engagement, she is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development and delivery of the College’s communications and marketing strategy and policy and public affairs activities to help deliver the organisation’s five-year strategy
  • Leading the Policy and Communications department, promoting a positive environment and learning culture

Alexandra is a communications and engagement specialist with more than a decade’s experience developing and implementing strategies to raise brand awareness, foster new collaborations, strengthen membership recruitment and retention, and influence policy and practice.

Alex Tytko


Alex is responsible for a range of education and training activities. These vary from CESR, DSS, e-Learning, curriculum, CCT, e-Portfolio, OPT, telelearning to providing skills and educational courses, awards and scholarships. Her department works collaboratively with members of the OTG and across the other standing committees.
The education and training department becomes part of a doctor’s life. They provide support to ophthalmologists during their training and throughout their later practice. Alex joined the college after graduating from university. As a result she developed a breadth of knowledge and has seen many positive changes at the RCOphth. Alex enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Dylan Costello


Dylan has worked in examinations in different specialties for the past 13 years. His vision for the RCOphth examinations is to thoroughly modernise the way that they are delivered. He wants to make them fit for the rapidly evolving digital era.
Dylan started working in exams in 2006 and has worked at the Society of Apothecaries, the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine before becoming Head of Examinations at the RCOphth.
In his spare time, Dylan writes novels and likes to travel as much as possible. Health and fitness is also very important to him and he managed to turn his garage into a gym during lockdown!

Caroline Wilson


Caroline joined us in December 2023. As Head of People & Resources she is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development and delivery of the college’s membership strategy
  • Providing strategic leadership, oversight and development of a portfolio of corporate support functions
  • Ensure the College fulfils its duties and responsibilities in relation to governance and finance

Caroline has over a decade’s experience working within membership organisations, implementing change and improving ways of working.