Current BOSU studies

The BOSU can support up to 8 studies at one time and we invite applications from ophthalmologists or other researchers with an interest in rare disease epidemiology. Further information on suitable conditions and the application process can be found here.

A monthly email containing the list of conditions being surveyed is sent every all ophthalmologists on the reporting base. The reporting clinicians are asked to click on either the cases to report button where they are taken to a bespoke online system to report cases of interest and complete the preapproved clinical questionnaire, or to click on the ‘Nothing To Report’ box if no new cases have been seen.

The entire system is housed within the data safe haven at University of Dundee All collected data is transferred into study specific areas within the data safe haven and will be stored and analysed there which allows researchers to adhere to high standards of research and information governance.

The reporting base of over 1600 Consultant Ophthalmologists allows the BOSU to tie rare disease surveillance to the UK population to provide meaningful estimates of incidence and case reporting is supported by all trainee and SAS ophthalmologists. If you think you should be on the list and we are not currently sending you a monthly email please contact the unit on [email protected].

Rare disease surveillance is the systematic collection of data, the analysis and dissemination of that information to those who have contributed and all those who need to know. BOSU studies have a good publication record and the BOSU encourages all researchers submit their study findings for publication in a suitable journal and to present them at the College Congress.

Reports from previous studies can be found here.

Current BOSU studies

Study Lead investigator Study Protocol Public Information sheet
Sympathetic Ophthalmia Mr Mahi Muqit, London Read it here Read it here
Deterioration Of Sight Caused By Delay In Review Or Treatment Ms Rashmi Mathew, London Read it here Read it here