Examinations Policies & Procedures

RCOphth policies and procedures for examinations guide our approach to fair examining of all candidates.

To ensure a fair and equal experience for all candidates sitting an RCOphth exam, we follow a defined set of policies and procedures. These policies and procedures have been created by the Examinations Committee and guide the work of the Examinations Department at the College.

Find more information about our Appeals Procedure, Misconduct Policy, Additional Attempts Policy and Appeals Procedure Guidance policies and guidance below.

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RCOphth Policies & Procedures

Before deciding to make an appeal you should read our Notes of Guidance document.

Appeals Procedure

You can appeal the result of your exam if there is evidence of a procedural irregularity in the conduct or content of the examination or assessment which has adversely affected your performance.

Misconduct Policy

This misconduct policy outlines how the College defines cheating and misconduct and what steps will be taken if candidates breach this policy.

Additional Attempts Policy

From 1 August 2013, candidates sitting RCOphth examinations are limited to six attempts of each individual exam, except for both Part 2 FRCOphth exams in which four attempts of each exam is permitted.