GMC's annual National Training survey open now - have your say

  • 21 Mar 2023
  • General Medical Council

The GMC is running their annual National Training survey into workplace medical training across the UK and this year,  includes questions on doctors’ experiences of discrimination for the first time this year. Doctors are being urged to share their perspectives on topics across learning, support and supervision.

The survey provides an unparalleled insight into the experiences of trainees and those training them, who together represent a third of UK doctors.

This year, new questions seek to understand the extent of discrimination and unprofessional behaviours in medical education and training. The data will provide insight into how supportive, inclusive and fair environments can be fostered, and highlight any themes or issues that may need more attention.

Questions focus on topics such as:

  • Experiences of everyday discrimination, for example, microaggressions and stereotyping
  • Confidence in challenging and reporting discrimination and unprofessional behaviours
  • Availability of mentorship to trainees and access to training and support
  • Every year, responses to the National training survey help the GMC, medical education bodies and employers to make sure that trainees and trainers are supported in their roles, and provide the evidence they need to act when concerns are raised.

When the results are published later in the year, trusts, boards and individual sites are expected to drill into the data to identify areas in need of more attention.

Professor Colin Melville, the GMC’s Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards, said:

‘Doctors across the UK are under ever-increasing pressure, and that impacts on their workplace training and education. We know that if training suffers, patient safety suffers. National training survey data highlights issues and drives tangible change, but we need to hear from those on the medical frontline: by sharing your experiences, you’ll be improving training for others.

‘Discrimination impacts teamwork, communication, and collaboration, and has a direct impact on how doctors reflect on and improve their practice.

‘These are all key to patient safety and to creating workplaces that both attract and retain staff. The more detailed and accurate picture we have, the more likely it is that these issues can be tackled. Our survey, with its new questions, will provide much-needed insight into what’s happening day-to-day from those on the ground.’

The survey has been extended to 16 May 2023. The results will be published later this year. Find out more about the annual National training survey here.