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Skills Courses

In 2019 a new series of skills courses is being introduced to replace the RCOphth Microsurgical Skills Courses. Read our full announcement on the new courses here.

Taking place in the College’s state-of-the-art Skills Centre with the latest equipment and technology the two courses will cover an introduction to ophthalmic surgery and an introduction to phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

Both courses feature hands-on learning to build confidence with using operating microscopes and different suturing techniques. The focus will be on developing practical skills so all participants will be expected to complete pre-course e-learning and follow short introductions to topics.

Introduction to Ophthalmic Surgery Course 

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This one-day course offers trainees, foundation doctors and medical students an opportunity to learn the core skills and building blocks to perform ophthalmic surgery.

In the pre-course e-learning you will develop an understanding of microsurgical instruments, suturing techniques and how to use an operating microscope before putting this knowledge to use in our Skills Centre.

The course will include 5 hours of simulated surgery using cutting-edge model eyes and each participant will have the opportunity to spend 15 minutes on the EyeSi simulation machine.

It is not mandatory to attend this course if you take up a post within a UK ophthalmology training programme however you will be awarded 1 point for your portfolio at ST1 National Recruitment.

For an insight into the course structure take a look at the programme.

We do not operate a waiting list. 

Introduction to Phacoemulsification Course 

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This two-day course offers ST1s and LAT trainees an introduction to phacoemulsification cataract surgery, once EyeSi courseware A and B training has been completed. This is a mandatory course for all new ST1s and LAT trainees; it must be completed before undertaking any live intraocular surgery.

The course uses a combination of wet-labs and a Digital Surgical Classroom to enable trainees to practical core skills on the EyeSi. Using pre-course e-learning on detailed explanations of phacoemulsification techniques trainees are guaranteed to be able to practice 20 complete phacoemulsification procedures over the two days.

For more information on the course and the topics covered take a look at the programme.

We do not operate a waiting list. 

All the dates and booking details for our skills courses are available on the events page.

Ocular Trauma Course

The ocular trauma course is a practical course which will focus on the management of complex corneal lacerations, iris trauma, corneo-scleral lacerations and globe rupture.

This will be a “hands on” course with the emphasis on practicing surgical techniques and interactive small group teaching, rather than didactic lectures. The course is aimed at Ophthalmologists who provide surgical on-call services such as ST5-7 trainees, Fellows and Consultants.

Cataract Surgery Complications Course

This course will focus on the practical management of posterior capsule rupture and zonular dialysis. This will be a “hands on” course with the emphasis on practicing anterior vitrectomy techniques, the use of capsular tension rings, capsule hooks and sulcus IOL implantation. There will also be interactive small group teaching on how to prevent surgical complications during phacoemulsification surgery.

Registration for booking

If you have registered with RCOphth before, you must book with your account details by logging in here.  If this is the first time you have booked a course with us, you will be asked to register your details first to create an account. This will only take a few minutes, your details will be stored which will make it easier to book online again.

Please choose and book your course carefully. Cancellation charges are clearly stated on the terms and conditions which you must read and accept when making a booking.