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Trainees’ FAQs

Here are a few documents to help trainees with some common questions about aspects of training: e-Portfolio FAQs for Trainees OST Curriculum FAQs The above must be read in conjunction with Surgical Skills Simulation for the Curriculum (Sept 2014) and Terminology when recording surgery (July 2016) OST curriculum FAQs – principles Eye Logbook FAQs Please email

New Features

The Educational Supervisor Report (ESR) is now incorporated into the portfolio system.  In addition, the information (e.g. Timetables, Placements, Audits etc) will be input gradually into the Trainee’s “My Details” section as training progresses with the e-Portfolio system collating the information for the ESR.  This will dispense with the need to laboriously enter all the

Ophthalmic Specialist Training

Ophthalmic Specialist Training (OST) requires a minimum of seven years of specialty training (ST1–ST7) to be completed following the two years of foundation training. The programme follows the College OST Curriculum, which is presented as a web-based document. The RCOphth Guide for delivery of OST (June 2018) is recommended as essential reading. The diagram below


The College launched its first e-portfolio in 2007 with the introduction of run through training as part of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC). In 2014 the College conducted a membership survey and the feedback highlighted that the e-portfolio was no longer meeting the needs of trainees, supervisors or College staff. The College initially explored implementing the