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Examinations Noticeboard

RCOphth Move to Online Proctored Exam Delivery

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of continued social distancing, all RCOphth written examinations will now be delivered by online proctored examinations. In order to facilitate this, the date of the October 2020 Part 1 FRCOphth written examination has been pushed back by three weeks to now take place on 26th October 2020.

Please click RCOphth Statement on Online Proctored Exam Delivery for this important update.

Cancellation notice for September 2020 Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery examination

A statement detailing the College’s decision to cancel the September 2020 CertLRS examination due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Cancellation of all RCOphth examinations until September 2020

A letter to candidates about the College’s decision to cancel all examinations until September 2020 due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Cancellation of Refraction Certificate Exam – 17 March 2020

A letter to candidates about the College’s decision to cancel the 14-16 April Refraction Certificate Examination due to the current COVID-19 pandemic

Part 2 FRCOPhth Oral Examination Macclesfield – Cancellation Notice to Candidates

A letter to candidates about the College’s decision to cancel the March/April 2020 Part 2 FRCOphth Oral examination due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Part 2 FRCOphth Written Examination July 2019 – College Statement

A statement outlining the technical issue surrounding the Part 2 FRCOphth July 2019 written examination and the steps undertaken

Examinations Appeals Procedure – November 2018

Updated appeals procedure for all examinations effective from 5th November 2018

Policy on Allegations of Cheating and Misconduct – November 2018

Policy updated to include reference to fraud.

Part 2 FRCOphth Oral – running commentary February 2018

Statement from the Part 2 FRCOphth Subcommittee regarding examination styles in the clinical component of the Part 2 FRCOphth Oral examination.

Code of Conduct – Examination candidates and applicants 2017

Applicable to all examinations from 3 April 2017.

Appeal against Decision Regarding Extra Examination Attempt – June 2016

Procedure for appealing a decision not to permit an additional examination attempt.

Part 2 FRCOphth eligibility update – January 2016

Advance notice of changes to Part 2 FRCOphth eligibility which will come into effect on 31 August 2017. This of particular relevance to candidates holding MRCOphth or MRCSEd.

Limiting examination attempts – January 2016

Updated policy on limiting additional attempts at examinations. All Ophthalmic Specialist Trainees, Heads of School, Training Programme Directors, Regional Advisors and College Tutors have been sent a copy directly by email.

RCOphth Statement – Changes to Exam Structure May 2014

Correspondence from Mr Peter Tiffin, Chairman of the Examinations Committee, concerning a number of changes being made to the Examinations Structure from August 2014.



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