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Eye to Eye Podcast

Eye to Eye Podcast: Laser Pointer Maculopathy and Prescribing Trends in Glaucoma

This is the first episode of Eye to Eye, the podcast of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists. The first episode launches with two interviews recorded at the RCOphth Annual Congress in May and a special message from the Chair of the Ophthalmologists in Training Group, welcoming new trainees. We'll be hearing from Fahd Quhill, Consultant Ophthalmologist from Sheffield on his research into laser pointer retinal injuries followed by an interview with Jeff Hogg, a registrar from Newcastle who tells us about his work analysing prescribing trends in glaucoma.

Eye to Eye Podcast

How to write a text book

In this episode we speak with Venki Sundaram, a Consultant Ophthalmologist working at the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital. We talk about the journey he took in creating and curating the well known textbook 'Training in Ophthalmology' as well as tips and suggestions for those who might want to write their own book in the future.

Eye to Eye Podcast

Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology – a conversation with Pearse Keane

In this episode, we speak with Pearse Keane, a leader in AI within Ophthalmology and a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital. We talked about the differences between self-driving cars and Ophthalmology when it comes to machine learning. We took a deep dive into what the future might hold for the real world application of AI in our specialty and what the barriers might be.

Eye to Eye Podcast

A day in the life of a high volume cataract surgeon with pearls for success from Neto Rosatelli

In this episode, we speak with Neto Rosatelli, a cataract surgeon and YouTube channel host from Brazil. He shares his experiences in Ophthalmology, including his journey of becoming a high volume cataract surgeon and provides advice for junior ophthalmologists on how to develop surgical skills and efficiency. Neto will be speaking at the 2021 College Congress at the Ophthalmologists in Training Group (OTG).