BOSU launches research bursary of £6000 to support an ophthalmologist in training

  • 23 Jun 2023
  • Barny Foot

To support the launch of our new digital reporting system and the expansion of the surveillance system to include trainees for the first time the BOSU is offering a research bursary of £6000 to support an ophthalmologist in training to undertake an epidemiological study of a rare eye condition through the British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit.

This award is thanks to the kind support from The Research in Eye Disease Trust.

Suitable conditions for BOSU studies are a predicted annual incidence of less than 5 per million (approximately 300 cases per annum in the UK)  – but topics with an expected incidence of between 75 and 125 are probably best suited for this award.

The objective for this award is to

  • Enable the successful applicant to develop their research knowledge and skills
  • Add to the body of knowledge of rare eye diseases and conditions


Assistance with preparation of applications is available from the BOSU and applicants are advised to contact Barny Foot, [email protected] or 07808 581659 for an informal discussion and guidance with the application process.

Applications will be assessed on the scientific or public health importance of the topic, the potential for impact and clarity and completeness of the submitted application.

BOSU bursary application form 2023

Closing date for applications is Friday 1 September 2023 at 1700hrs